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Currency Trading: What Is It?

Currency Trading: What Is It?

iBank Markets Currency trading is the exchange of one currency for another currency. It's just like visiting other countries wherein you get to trade your own currency for that of the other country's. But when it comes to currency trading in the forex market, it means something really different. In forex marketing, traders are trading one currency for another to gain as much profits as they can.

iBank Markets Currency traders is just like trading in stocks on the stock market. The reality is that in here, the average personal investor is being outrun by the stock traders, as they usually buy and sell stocks at a rather quicker pace than those investors. You see, those investors just take the advice of their brokers, but in the end keep stocks in a span of quite a number of years, if not decades.

So, how does it work? Let's have an example to demonstrate how traders make profits in this kind of business. Say the present rate of the British pound to euro forex market is around GBP/EUR 1.1200; meaning, to buy a single British pound, you got to have 1.12 euros. Now, if ever you think that the value of the euro has more chances of rising than the pound's, then you might sell 100,000 pounds and buy 100,000 euros, and then wait for the outcome.

Several days later, the exchange rate becomes GBP/EUR 1.0600, which means that the pound is only equal to 1.06 euros. So if you sell your euros and then you get to buy back 100,000 pounds, you have then made a profit of around 6% of the investment that you have made (deducting any fees). There's not one single trader who has a 100,000 pounds or dollars lying around in the bank to trade with. But that's okay, because fortunately enough, you really don't have to have all that money in reality.

As you're job is to buy and sell consecutively, all you need to have in your pocket is something that would cover any possible loss in trading before exiting the market (your predictions did not come into reality) and the worth of the currency that you have bought started to fall down. With this, your broker lends you the rest of it. Now, this is what is called as trading margins. So on a $100,000 trade, the margin is around 1 to 2 percent ($1,000 to $2,000).

Now, this is the amount that you need to have in your forex brokerage account. And lots determine the amount that you trade in (these lots could be at around $10,000 each or more, which depends on the currency and also the broker). Trade $20,000 and trade 2 lots, $30,000 for 3 lots, etc. There are also what we call the limited risk accounts, where you get to risk only the cash amount you have on account with the broker, so as to avoid the margin calls, which is done by allowing smaller players to trade in the forex market with the use of mini-lots/fractions of a lot (which reduces the risk but may cost more to trade in the process).

The reality is that today, more and more people are getting involved with currency trading. It really has its advantages over the stock market. If ever you don't have any knowledge about valuation of the different kinds of currencies, you can always set up a forex robot (something that will trade for you according to the settings of your choice). Just remember that this is a very risky kind of business, wherein you can either lose or gain money. So, knowing these facts will give you some idea of taking the next step in becoming a currency trader in the forex market.